Sedum 'Lemon Ball’

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    • Use:
      • A ground cover evergreen Sedum with spiky golden yellow leaves that turn vivid orange in cold weather. Fast growth and a dense, mat like form make this the ground cover of choice for borders and rock gardens. Excellent on slopes or cascading over the edge of container plantings. Deer-resistant and drought-tolerant.
    • Exposure/Soil:
      • Full sun and well drained soil. Sedums in general like it tough and dry, avoid areas that stay wet or drain poorly.
    • Zones:
      • Hardy in USDA zones 4-9 but thrives in heat zones 6-9. The lemon ball stonecrop will not survive in temperatures below -10° to 0° degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Growth:
    • Spreads to form a solid carpet 4” high by 24” wide. Evergreen.




Customer Reviews

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Beautiful plant

I have ordered plants through catalogs and on line for years and have always been disappointed in the small plant an barely there root system. The sedum I ordered was very large, healthy, and a substantial root. The packaging to insure that my plant arrived healthy was the best I have ever experienced; the plant was wrapped in plastic wrap and filled with shredded paper for protection, and then wrapped in more paper before being placed in the box. I am so pleased, I will definitely buy more plants in the future and tell my friends and family too.

Love it!

Plant is a nice size and beautiful color. It arrived quickly and in great condition. I highly recommend this nursery.