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Pilea peperomioides is a highly sought after indoor plant with bright mint green leaves that contrast wonderfully against white walls, which is perhaps why it’s so prized in the minimalist interior design world. Also called Money Plant or Pancake Plant due to its flat, coin-shaped foliage, Pilea peperomioides has a central upright stem, surrounded on all sides by its characteristic cute perky leaves.

Pilea peperomioides is very easy to grow and propagate indoors. Keep it where it will receive bright but indirect light, watering regularly and shielding from the direct sun. The plant will reward you with seemingly constant growth, and may even produce “pups” - offshoots that can be cut away and propagated as separate plants.

Full beefy plants sold in 4” pot.

Customer Reviews

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Raquel Hochman

The plant was received in perfect condition. Just took it out of the box, watered it and watched her spread her leaves and stretch in all directions as if waking up from a long nap. Love the plant and the fact that I can trust a nursery to do a great job in shipping across the country in perfect condition. I will be back for more!

Tara McKenney
Pilea Money Plant

MY money plant arrived in a timely manner. It was wrapped extremely well. No dirt in the shipping box. When I unwrapped it, none of the leaves were damaged and it was still moist.
The plant looks very, very healthy and even has lots of babies.
I would buy from this seller again.
Thank you.

Qiana Steele
Chinese money plant


Jared Hunter
I love my plant and it's so healthy


Connie Cooper
Money plant

I received my plant in perfect condition. Very good customer service.