House Plants- Peperomia obtusfolia 'Variegata'

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Variegated Peperomia's beautiful foliage makes a big impact, especially when planted in colorful containers. These super easy indoor plants look great when mixed with other colors and textures. Water peperomia when the soil feels dry to the touch. Many varieties of this small houseplant can effectively hold water in their fleshy stems and leaves during times of drought, so they can hold their own if you forget to water or go on vacation. 

Peperomia is an easy care bushy succulent plant that is native to the Caribbean. As a houseplant, it typically grows on thick erect stems to 12” tall with waxy, thick dark green and creamy yellow leaves with small greenish-white flowers on spikes to 5” long. Flowers are interesting but not particularlry showy. Also commonly called baby rubber plant, but is not related to the true rubber plant.

Genus name comes from the Greek words peperi meaning pepper and homoios meaning resembling. The plants resemble, and are closely related to, true black pepper (Piper nigrum).

Peperomia obtusfolia is non-toxic, making it safe for small children and furry kids, too.

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Jeannine Kelley
Her name is Diane

Love my leafy baby!! She arrived safe and healthy and is thriving!

Vicky Bonner

All 4 plants arrived alive,healthy and Beautiful.
My mom is very impressed with the way the were still alive. We are totally and completely satisfied!!!!
Thank you for outstanding work.

John Schroeder
Repeat Customer

Upon receiving my shipment of houseplants, I immediately placed a repeat order! What JOY it is to welcome these beautiful creations into my home! Each one is truly a celebration of life. Thank you for giving me such happiness.

great experience

I recently purchased a Peperomia Obtusfolia 'Variegata' and was extremely satisfied. We had a tiny little shipping snafu, but the customer service was great and I would definitely order from this nursery again. My plant was packaged very nicely and arrived in really good condition.

Great plants!

Packaging was perfect - plants are healthy & beautiful - quick shipping too!