Pinstripe Calathea- Calathea Ornata

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Wow! What a beauty. The ornate, almost painted pink brushstroke pattern on its leaves is something you have to see in person. Pictures definitely don’t do this beauty justice.

Size: sold in 4” plastic pot.

There’s a feeling when you first discover a new houseplant. It’s partly love and fascination, yes, but we’ve noticed plant parents become obsessed. Not just like, “oh I need to have this houseplant” but will-walk-to-the-ends-of-the-earth to find it obsessed. Right now, the different colors and varieties of Calathea are at the top of the list for plant hunters. Where have all these beauties been? Plus they’re deliciously non-toxic for pets, so yes, we’re also in love with Calathea and must have all of them.

It’s important to note that Calathea are found in the jungle, which means tons of humidity. They are extremely happy in our greenhouses where the air is moist. Dry air conditions affect the leaves drastically, producing brown tips and crunchy stems. To keep humidity high, you can do the following:

Place them on a pebble tray.
Mist regularly. Moisture absorbs into their leaves which keeps them healthy. Since Calathea are prone to bugs, check your stems and undersides of leaves often if you mist weekly or more.

Watering: This is the trickiest part of Calatheas, depending on the temperature of your house and the humidity level, your Calathea may need water every week or every day. The biggest thing to remember: don’t let them dry out. They like to be kept moist, like a wrung out sponge.

Customer Reviews

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James Mcnicholl
Pinstripe Calathea ornata in great shape.

Arrived healthy and happy. Doing well. Plan on ordering more.

Healthy plant, great shipping

I have to admit I was worried about buying a plant from out of state and having it shipped to Missouri. My concern grew when the day before it was due to be delivered, we had a snow of two inches. I was very pleased when I received my pinstripe to see how well it was packed and how healthy it was! I will definitely have confidence in placing future orders. Thanks!

September Edelen
Packaged Well

My plants arrive safely. Thank you!

Paige Bautista
Love it

Packaging was great and plant is healthy!