Succulents- Hens & Chicks 'Oddity' (Sempervivum)

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    • NEW! Oddity is the perfect name for this variety. Each leaf is like a hollow tube and has red tips. Sempervivum, (the botanical name for Hens & Chicks), are among the most cold-hardy succulents, making them popular garden plants. They tend to grow best in dry conditions with well-draining, coarse soil to prevent soggy roots. They require only moderate watering which makes them very suitable plants for containers, and they do well in breathable terra cotta, concrete, and cement pots. They will grow in rock crevices, metal containers, succulent wreaths, roof shingles, and anywhere else that allows adequate root drainage. 
  • Soil/Exposure- Place in full sun and soil that drains very well, especially in winter. Sempervivum can withstand very cold winters but MUST have good drainage to prevent root-rot. Excellent container plant that can be left outdoors in winter in appropriate zones.
  • Zones 3-9

    Customer Reviews

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    Beautiful healthy plant

    Received my sempervivum "Oddity" today; beautiful, healthy plant. VERY well packaged, no soil spillage or damage. Pot and plant were somewhat smaller than I expected -- maybe I just don't know the size of a "quart" pot -- but I'm so happy to have this rather hard-to-find sempervivum variety.

    Will definitely consider buying from this Seller again.


    I received my plant a few weeks ago, great shape through shipping process. Nice and large, glad to add to my family

    Huge Plant!

    Huge plant! Very unusual. Coloring similar to photo.