Norfolk Island Pine

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An easy-care houseplant, Norfolk Island pine is a festive holiday plant you can enjoy all year long! During the holidays, its soft needled branches look right at home decorated as a table top Christmas tree. After the holidays pass, remove the decorations and enjoy its classic look (and air-purifying powers) anywhere in your home.

Decorations not included, decorated tree is for example only. Sold in 1 gallon plastic pot. 

This stately tree is a tropical plant native to the South Pacific. Indoors, it’s relatively slow-growing, but over the course of several years, this adorable little plant can grow to 6 feet tall or more, becoming  magnificent specimen.

Small, young Norfolk Island pines are perfect for decorating mantles, tabletops, and desks. As this long-lived houseplant grows, it’s becomes better situated as a floor plant and can be used to fill bright corners, flank furniture (such as entertainment centers), or stand alone as a stunning focal point.

We offer HEAT PACKS for purchase to ship with your order during the winter months to prevent damage from cold temperatures. If you place an order and choose NOT to purchase a HEAT PACK to ship with your plants to protect them from cold damage, you are accepting full responsibility for any damage your plants may receive during transit. You will NOT be eligible for a REFUND if a HEAT PACK is not purchased at the time of your order.

Customer Reviews

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Nina Thomas
Beautiful plant!

I am surprised how big and lush the Norfolk Island Pine is! Very healthy and well worth the price! Definitely get the heat pack as it's been very cold in the Midwest - now we've gotten a ton of snow.

John Schroeder
Repeat Customer

By now I know what to expect from Full Bloom Nursery. Every delivery is well packaged, and the plants come out of the box so large and healthy! The Norfolk Pine is a new addition to my sunroom. It makes the room more festive and cheerful. I plan to decorate my new plant with red ribbon and small ornaments for holiday cheer!