House Plants- Monstera delicioso ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’

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Multiple plants per pot- Nicknamed the “swiss cheese plant” for the natural holes that develop in its leaf as it matures, Monstera went viral a few years ago and became THE plant to have for the home. This vibrant green beauty adds flair to any indoor space and only gets better with time as it grows.

Your Monstera can handle low light, but if you want it to grow faster and produce larger leaves, provide medium to bright indirect light. In a north or east-facing window, you can place them close to access more sun, but you should keep them out of reach of direct light in a south or west facing window. 

Monstera flourish from a good soaking after the soil has almost completely dried out. Water more often during the warmer months while they are growing and reduce watering during the winter months, letting the soil almost completely dry out between watering. 


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Another awesome plant!

This is my 6th purchase from Full Bloom! The plants always arrive in great shape - fully intact, thriving, and ready to go in a pot. The shipping is quick and the prices are reasonable vs. other greenhouses. Way to go, Full Bloom! Will continue to buy from you!

Monstera Deliciousa

I received this plant very quickly after being shipped. It arrived so beautifully packaged and in perfect shape! Will definitely be purchasing from them again!


Plants were nicely packaged and beautiful

Strong plant!

The largest leaf was broken off during transport and others were damaged, but the plant was clearly healthy. After a trim and good light, a leaf with fenestrations is already unfurling in only two weeks!

Great addition to my plant collection

I've been wanting on of these all year and found one here at a reasonable price. Although it took quite a bit of time to arrive it was packaged nicely and the soil was still moist. There was a leaf torn in half when I opened it but I'm sure it happens when having plants shipped rather than buying local. May purchase from them again in the future.