House Plant- Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

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Spider Plant is one of the easiest houseplants to grow and is completely safe and non-toxic for your fur babies (see our blog on non-toxic house plants). "A NASA study in the 1980’s found that spider plants were one of the top indoor plants for removing formaldehyde and other toxins such as carbon monoxide, common in homes and public spaces from the off-gassing of synthetic materials" says Dr. Leonard Perry, Horticulture Professor Emeritus University of Vermont. 

This retro plant is still as cool as it was when your grandma had it hanging in her kitchen and she probably gave a lot of the baby "spider" offshoots to her friends. Once they form, the little offshoots are plants in miniature with small roots. You can leave them on for a full plant, or remove some and pot to make new plants. If plants get quite potbound, you can divide them too. Use a potting soil formulated specially for houseplants, not garden soil.
Plants grow best in indirect light, like that of an east facing window or a south or west one that gets some shade during hot summer days. 

Sold in 4” nursery pot, photos of mature plants are for example only. 

Customer Reviews

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Maria Moreno
So far so good!

Arrived perfectly packed. Transferred to a pot with fertilized dirt. Keeping my fingers crossed that it thrives in our home.

Carol Wallace
What a Beauty

Rec'd my 8" hanging basket yesterday in perfect condition. I was stunned by how large and healthy it is. So much growth on it already, I can easily remove enough "spiders" to start growing 8-10 more plants right away. I've already decided to get these growing and I'll have several Christmas gifts.


Both plants were received very healthy and are doing great.

Cas Jones
A friend

It’s so beautiful and lively! I’m excited to get it hanging in my room to bring some much needed life to it!

Julia Drees

My plants came in perfect shape! I can’t wait for them start growing