June Hosta shade garden perennial

Hosta 'June'

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  • Use:
    • Bluish leaves with irregularly shaped creamy gold centers make this variety stand out in the shade garden. Pale lavender flowers bloom in late summer on tall spikes. The American Hosta Growers Association awarded it the prestigious "Hosta of the Year" in 2001. Remember that deer love hostas, so if you have a herd of deer that visits on a regular basis, it is best not to tempt them with hostas. They make beautiful container plants for a shady patio, porch, etc.or line a wooded path with hostas, ferns, coral bells, etc for a natural woodland look.
  • Exposure/Soil:
    • Prepare the planting area well, its size requires plenty of organic matter to keep the over-sized leaves fed. A few hours of morning sun is fine but avoid hot, intense afternoon sun, especially in the south. (This is a general rule for all hostas)
  • Zones
    • 4-9 
  • Growth:
    • 2 ft tall x 2 feet wide. Dormant in winter.


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