Heucherella 'Solar Eclipse'

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  • Use: Unique color! Leaves of rust red bordered in lime green combined with a beautiful habit and broadly scalloped leaf lobes. Forming a vigorous mound of dense crowns, ‘Solar Eclipse’ has it all! They make beautiful container plants for a shady patio, porch, etc. or line a wooded path with hostas, ferns, coral bells, etc. for a natural woodland look. There have been conflicting reports on deer-resistance. Some say the deer never touch theirs while others have said they browsed on them. It often depends on just how hungry a deer is as to what it will eat. 
    • Exposure/Soil:
      • Thrives in "dry shade", excellent ground cover under trees. Prepare the planting area well with organic matter if soil is poor.  A few hours of morning sun is fine but avoid hot, intense afternoon sun, especially in the south. (This is a general rule for all Heucheras)
    • Zones
      • 4-9 
    • Growth:
      • 2 ft tall x 2 feet wide. Evergreen, except in coldest zones where they go dormant in winter.

Photo(s) courtesy of TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful little plant and friend!

The "Solar Eclipse" heuchera arrived in perfect condition along with a very healthy little lizard who is now living the life in my North Carolina garden! The heuchera is adapting beautifully to my yard - it's healthy and seems to like its new home. The colors are not as strong as I had hoped, but I think as it grows, they will deepen. I'm very pleased and will order from Full Bloom again!