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A classic! The ponytail palm has been around for decades and is now more popular than ever. It is easy to see why- its sleek bulb-like trunk and lush, long curly leaves make it visually stunning, and the fact that a ponytail palm is forgiving and easy in its care makes this an ideal houseplant for many people.

Size: HUGE robust plant in 5” pot. Your plant will arrive root bound and that is what they love and want! When potting up, only go to a pot that is no more than 2” larger than the one it is in. Too much fresh soil will stay and leads to root rot.

The ponytail palm is neither a palm nor a tree. In fact, it is a member of the Agave family and is actually a succulent. Other common names for this plant include the bottle palm tree or the elephant foot tree. In the past, it has been classified as either Nolina recurvata or Beaucarnea recurvata, but the latter is now the correct classification of this plant.

Since this plant is a succulent, it grows best in semi-dry conditions. When growing ponytail palm as a houseplant, you should let the soil dry out significantly in between waterings. Perfect for a busy lifestyle! 

Because ponytail palms requires dry soil, it is best to let them get root bound before repotting and when you do repot them, use a pot that is only an inch or two wider than the previous pot. If you repot them into a larger pot, they can get too much water at once, which can damage their roots and health.

Customer Reviews

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Just like the pic

I received my order, well packaged, and it look just like the pic in the catalog!!

Therese Finnegan
Your shipment is Incomplete -

I bought 2 ponytail palms but only received 1 plant. I sent an email wih pictures to complain but no one responded to me. You owe me 1 more ponytail palm. The one I received is beautiful but you owe me 1 more!

diane dias
Ponytail Palm

i am so in love with my Ponytail Palm i wish i could add one of the pics i took of her....already :)

Patricia Washington
Beautiful Plant!

I received my Pony Tail Palm plant in the mail and other than a few leaves that were brown which is part of the normal growing process, the plant is Beautiful! I will definitely consider ordering from Full Bloom Nursery again.

PattiAnn McCarthy

I received my Ponytail palm today, and OMG...It is big and beautiful!! I was in awe when I opened it! Well packed and fast shipping. Thank you so much!!