House Plants, Succulents & Air Plants


Air Plants- fun and beautiful, there are so many ways to use them creatively- in terrariums, mounted on wood, shells, etc or in a glass teardrop. Our air plants come with detailed care instructions to ensure your success. They are easier than you might think!  

House Plants- In this fast paced electronic world we live in, sometimes you just need to unplug and nurture something. Whether it's a home office or a living and relaxing space, our house plants will create a sense of well-being. Both air plants and succulents are good house plants themselves, but we also have an extended selection of more traditional, tropical natured house plants. 

Succulents-  so popular and they come in so many colors and textures that you may have a hard time choosing. Some are "rosette forming" while others are creeping and trailing. When planted together with varying textures, colors and growth habits, they make incredible mixed pots. And if you're going away for a week or two, no need to worry, just water before you leave and they will be fine. Note the hardiness zones for each variety, some are very cold hardy perennials that can be planted in the ground in appropriate zones while others are frost sensitive and can't be left outdoors in the winter in cold areas. Check your growing zone here.

With your order, you will receive general care information for all of plants. Follow these tips to keep your babies happy and thriving.

Be sure and check out our whimsy, fun Blobhouse Planters, perfect for succulents and air plants.