Peacock Fern Selaginella

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Selaginella uncinata (also known as Peacock Fern or Rainbow Moss) is one of our favorite plants that is in a wonderfully interesting plant family that looks like a cross between a moss and a fern. It has a delicate and tropical fern-like appearance, but is actually very tough, easy to grow, moderately cold hardy and not a fern at all.

Sold in 6” nursery pot, photos are of actual plants.

The growth habit is low growing and spreading, and the perfect plant for a shaded spot that needs ground cover. It is also lovely as a potted house plant or hanging basket, and is great choice for dish gardens and terrariums. Selaginellas are moderately cold tolerant, and can be successfully grown outdoors in Zones 6 to 10A.

The common name, Peacock Fern or Rainbow Moss, comes from the varying, shimmery, iridescent, blue green and bronze red coloring of the lacy, fern-like foliage, which will vary based on season, light levels, and nutritional levels.

Selaginellas go fully dormant in the winter in all climates unless used indoors as a house plant.

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Ashley OJibway

It showed up, looked amazing and I was so thrilled I just ordered another!


This little plant is so pretty. It arrived safely and is thriving! After a day, it fluffed out and already has new growth. The entire experience with Full Bloom has been awesome. I will purchase from them again.

Marcella Simmons
Peacock fern

These plants came in time. Very well packaged and I might add they are beautiful.