Heuchera ‘Tiramisu’ (Coral Bells)

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    • Use: 'Tiramisu' is a vigorous cultivar that is noted for its foliage colors that change with the seasons. In spring, leaves emerge chartreuse with red radiating outward from the mid ribs. Red coloration fades in summer as the chartreuse leaves acquire a light silver frosting. Absolutely beautiful to brighten up the shade garden! Excellent in containers, en masse, or as a splendid specimen. Forms dense evergreen clumps of year-round color. They make beautiful container plants for a shady patio, porch, etc. or line a wooded path with hostas, ferns, coral bells, etc. for a natural woodland look. There have been conflicting reports on deer-resistance. Some say the deer never touch theirs while others have said they browsed on them. It often depends on just how hungry a deer is as to what it will eat. 
  • Exposure/Soil:
    • Thrives in "dry shade", excellent ground cover under trees. Prepare the planting area well with organic matter if soil is poor.  A few hours of morning sun is fine but avoid hot, intense afternoon sun, especially in the south. (This is a general rule for all Heucheras)
  • Zones
    • 4-9 
  • Growth:
    • 2 ft tall x 2 feet wide. Evergreen, except in coldest zones where they go dormant in winter.




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