Why We Love Faucaria tigrina – Tiger’s Jaw Succulent

from the eastern cape of south africa, Succulent inventory is big right now, tiger jaw succulent is one of our favorites -

Why We Love Faucaria tigrina – Tiger’s Jaw Succulent

Tiger's Jaw. Just the name sounds fierce and when thinking of plants, one might assume it is a cactus with deadly teeth. 

But that's not it at all. Tiger's jaw is friendly and harmless. The "teeth" that line each leaf are actually mechanisms that help it to channel fog vapors to its leaves for a source of moisture in its native habitat of the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Tiger's jaw is a profuse bloomer, another reason we put it on our list of favorite succulents. The bright yellow starry flowers open in the morning and close up in the late afternoon in fall and winter.  

Tiger's Jaw has been cultivated in Europe for over three hundred years but many people have never seen them before. We hope to have a small part in changing that because they are fantastic plants for pots. 

Hardy in zones 9a to 11b 

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